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I have read all the info on this board about changing the fluid in the tranny on a 97 C280.

However, the point that I cannot understand is that the dealer has repeatedly refused to change the fluid on the transmission.

They claim that all the break-in material is run out of the tranny at the factory and that the fluid will last as long as the transmission. They also say that the transmission is a sealed unit and they are unable to seal it like it is done at the factory and will leak. Why would it not be possible to replace the pan without it leaking? Are there no suspended particles floating around anywhere in the tranny? I'd get the special tool dipstick and do it myself, but if a reputable dealer can't reseal a transmission, then I sure wouldn't be able to do it either. Is there any truth to this?

Sorry for posting about something that has been repeatedly covered and thanks for any replies.

-Ali Al-Chalabi
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