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Old 02-16-2003, 12:11 AM
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The ModFather
Join Date: Mar 2002
Location: Khalifonia.
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i got into a road rage altercation...carried out out of the car..

(ok this is the 3rd freaking time I'm typing this up b/c something messed up and it didn't post > )

Check this:

Im at a 4 way stop. I let a good 3 cars go before me, b/c they were morons and didn't realize it was my freaknig turn to go. So finally, I make a left, and I'm 1/2 way through the intersection, when the bonehead in the jetta across from me decides to make a right and go straight in front of me (we both headed to the same direction!).

So I brake, nearly hitting him, I don't honk, I don't look at him, I don't flip him off, nothing.

SO here he is, stopped. I decide to go forth on the wrong way of the road I was already facing trying to avoid him earlier, and to attempt to make my way back to the right lane, in front of him.

He's not moving, so I'm thinking he knew he was wrong, and he's letting me go.


The mofo hits the gas, and takes off, blocking me from tgoing to the right lane, keeping me in the incoming traffic lane. Mind you this is only a parking lot road, but STILL cars come haulnig ass around there.

So he's trying to keep me from passing him, I Punch it, the road is upward and curvy, and he veers to the left, doing jerky leftward movements w/ his steering wheel, trying to run me off the freaking road!

So now there's an SUV coming around the blind corner going 15mph, and I manage to barely squeeze between his car and the SUV to not get hit!!!

and the mofo in the jetta (dood who is crazy) keeps trying to run me off the road. finally I try to box him in as we are nearing a stop sign, to give him a mafia style beatdown.

My attempt fails, but he's stuck behind traffic.

So I jump outta my car, go around the back of it, and go up to his car which is now right of mine, w/ his trunk at the height of my headlights.

I come behind his car, and w/ an open hand I SLAM the HELL out of his trunk lid and I go "BAM!" and I yell obscenities at him.

then he comes outta the car and he's pissed, i mean REALLY pissed. And he takes a swing at.... no other than my freaking hood emblem! He tried to rip it off but he can't! AT that point, I am really furious and I open my passenger door, grab my 3 cell maglite and I'm about to break his taillight and rear windshield, but I decide against it, as I don't fancy a night in a cell...

So anyway, now the guy's coming after me... uh oh.

I'm so ready to take him out, (w/o the maglite) but hey, I know the law, so I wait for him to touch me first. And he does.

Mofo pushes me like a pansy, I blocked his gay push and I was gonna reply w/ a swing of the maglite on his skull, but weapons are weak, so I was gonna go for a good old fist attack...but no I still don't want to. I took karate for 9 years, they teach you to walk away form a fight if you can.

I did just that, although I wanted to mess him up sooo bad. I backed down and I say "mother fuk2$&! get yo ass back in the car im calling the cops"

He says "fine, call them, I'll be across the street." and so he goes there and I'm sitting here like mmmm what do I do? I decide to bone it outta there. I came outta the car, I hit my hand on his car, I pull out the maglite, doesn't look good for me.

So then I do call my friends at the PD, have them come down, and I tell them what happened. They tell me "Wtf man, dont go otuta your car, u know better than that." he said "you got out, get got out, u hit his car, he hit yours, you pull the maglite out, he pushes you. I'd tell your two to just go home."

OH well. I wish I was in France so I cuold've kicked his silly ass and made him bleed in front of his wife. He was 40 or so.

I was so pissed off somebody f$k42@ w/ my car like he did. I didnt even get his plate b/c of the way he pushed me, it was so ghey. Techically that's battery, but then my w/ my maglite would be assault so he could say he was in fear of his life or crap like that.

Well that's it and that's all, it's just to show you guys I was a dumb ass tonight , but that guy was too.

2003 E55 AMG
2007 FJ Cruiser
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Old 02-16-2003, 12:24 AM
The Godfather's Avatar
The ModFather
Join Date: Mar 2002
Location: Khalifonia.
Posts: 1,174
yea he could've had a gun

W126, how much time did u have to serve for this?
2003 E55 AMG
2007 FJ Cruiser
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Old 02-16-2003, 12:42 AM
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Location: Chandler, Arizona, USA
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tut angry...must be all that rap music...
1995 black pearl/black Mercedes-Benz E420 :
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Old 02-16-2003, 08:38 AM
engatwork's Avatar
Join Date: May 2000
Location: Soperton, Ga. USA
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wow - what an experience. Good thinking with a level head that you got back in your car. People get shot for getting out of their car and moving aggressively toward someone in a car. I have NEVER had any issues with anyone coming toward my car in an aggressive manner.
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Old 02-16-2003, 12:27 PM
4NDELIT's Avatar
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Location: Sacramento, CA
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good thing he didn't mess up your car. I dunno what it is, but some people just think they own the road. I almost got in an accident on the way to alons at the last gtg because some loser in a dropped accord. He was trying to pass me on the right in heavy traffic (in LA) and he was gonna cut me off real close, so I accelerated so he couldn't fit in. He got furious, tailgated me, and pulled to the left and started to pass me. I thought "screw him, he's the one being a moron" so I got to the left side of my lane, and he freaked out. He swerved like he was gonna hit me, and I just stayed there looking at him (with one eye ahead looking at traffic). I figured my car has to weigh much more than his (450 is supposed to be 3760) so if he hits me, he's gonna get much more damage than me (good 'ol physics, F=am and for every force, there's an equal and opposite force). But there's always the possibility that he has a gun, so I consider myself lucky (you should too).
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Old 02-17-2003, 12:08 AM
mikemover's Avatar
All-seeing, all-knowing.
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A good reason to carry your gun in YOUR car, eh? I think so. You never know when you will encounter such morons, or what they will do.

On the other hand...such *********s are not worth the cost of the ammunition.

I'm glad you and your MB came out of it intact.

1979 300 SD
350,000 miles
1982 300D-gone---sold to a buddy
1985 300TD
270,000 miles
1994 E320
not my favorite, but the wife wanted it
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Old 02-17-2003, 01:48 AM
The Godfather's Avatar
The ModFather
Join Date: Mar 2002
Location: Khalifonia.
Posts: 1,174
Next time I'll just let it go from the start. Loser driving a beatup jetta was probably jealous of someone 1/2 his age in a nicer car he could never afford
2003 E55 AMG
2007 FJ Cruiser
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Old 02-17-2003, 04:04 AM
Breckman99's Avatar
Join Date: Jan 2002
Location: Boulder, CO
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Hey hey - another jetta driver strikes! I had a similar occurance heres the story -
Im driving back to my school at approx 4 AM cruzin in the sd about 75 - 80. I see this jetta come up beside me and he is trying to prevoke me into a race - hmm I think - well go ahead and race kid - Im in a 4500 pnd diesel car what the hell you want me to do? I move to the far right lane and set cruize at 80 while he manuvers onto the shoulder and all around my car tryin to get me to go faster somehow - well I said to my friends in the car - lets scare the s**t outta this kid. I had a high power 4" spotlight in my car that I had the passenger hold at the A pillar just like a police cruizer and went up behind his car as if to pull him over and got him onto the side of the road - then I thought hmmm I dont feel like going to jail for impersonating a cop so I gun it and take off. We are cruzing for aprox 5 min when I see the famillar set of headlights coming up on me at about 130 - 145 so I pull off the right side at about 80 and the little prick tries to get infront of me and ram my car!!!! I tried to stop to let him continue but he would reverse and try to ram me at full speed. remember this is in the middle of a major highway!!! While he was trying to re-manuver to try to ram me again I floored it and get that SD to go as fast as she would hold about 117 it took him a few seconds to catch up - I noticed I passed a silver buick or similar american car before he was caught up to us, as I watched in my rear view I see the stupid little basterd actually ram the car!!!! I dont know what the hell was wrong with him but pretty sure he is in jail. I'm glad I've had offensive, defensive, and high speed track training or he woulda ramed my baby - boy if he woulda gone through with that there woulda been quite a few .357 mag slugs found in his small skull. pretty wild huh? If sombody ever got out of their car and hit mine like you did im pretty sure you'd be in the same position as my buddy up there woulda been if he had succeeded in his little rage bit -be careful man!
1983 Mercedes 300SD
1987 Mercedes 300SDL
2001 VW Passat 2.8 AWD
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Old 02-18-2003, 03:42 PM
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You just gotta know that a woman would NEVER have started this thread...

I could share similar stories as a young (AND stupid) individual that probably watched too many Clint Eastwood and Sylvester Stallone movies!

It must be the testosterone...
2009 ML350 (106K) - Family vehicle
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Old 02-18-2003, 04:54 PM
The Godfather's Avatar
The ModFather
Join Date: Mar 2002
Location: Khalifonia.
Posts: 1,174
Looking back on it... I 'm thinking, what an idiot I Was. I Should've let his sorry ass go i the first place and give him little satifaction he can have knowing he cut off a Mercedes. lol

2003 E55 AMG
2007 FJ Cruiser
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