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Just a few thoughts....

First, are you sure the spots are coming from the 2.6? Place a large piece of cardboard under the car and park it there after a short drive...then you'll be sure.

I think that the coolant looks fine because it appears that there is no oil in it, but look in the tank and see if there is any oily residue at the level of the coolant...if not try this...

Get a radiator pressure tester and put it where the cap goes, then let the engine warm-up and see what the pressure gauge shows...if it's really high, then a bad head gasket may be the problem...

You may want to check all of the coolant hoses including the heater hoses...a small leak may be the problem.

Sometimes this engine will have a bad head gasket, and the oil will leak out along the side of the engine and blow towards the back of the car...check the firewall and see if it has oil spots on it also.

Just my 2 worth...

The Tenor Man
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