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Originally Posted by Paulc66t View Post
I ordered the parts from Fastlane this morning. I will probably open it up tommorrow to see what it looks like-luckily it should be relatively warm-50s.
Does anyone know the part # for the k1 kit? I couldn't find it on Fastlane.

Make sure you have the seal that goes with it as well. I have not been able to find it in any of the parts suppliers online. They probably all have it and not listed. You will destroy the seal getting it out and its plenty old enough anyway to justify replacing.

BTW the easiest way of getting that sleeve and seal out is by pulling the valve body and plate and pushing it out from the inside. Don't be afraid of this as you are just removing the entire unit, not any internals.

10th picture from the bottom is the seal and sleeve. You will be replacing that sleeve with a teflon sleeve, the metal sleeve is part of the problem and the piston is the other part of the problem.
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