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Smart Key stolen, a couple of questions

My only smart key was stolen from my floormat last night. (stupidly left it there and forgot after working on my car; no clue why the person only took the key) Called dealer and asked what I needed to get a replacement and was told the car needed to be physically identified with VIN at dealer before a key could be made. Told him that it was my only key and unless it could be towed that MB would have to send out a service rep to my home to do the verification for $50 of course.

Hoofed it to the dealer with title in hand and ordered a replacement and told parts guy to delete old key since I'm concerned the thief will return tonight with larger ambitions..

Anyhow my questions are:

1. When is the stolen key de-activated? When the new one is made overnight or when the guy arrives tomorrow with my new key and inspects my car?

2. When did these new key replacement procedures go into effect? In the past I had to show proof of registration and my driver license. You'd think that the title with the VIN clearly printed would suffice.

Do these charges look reasonable?

qty1 212-766-41-06-9999 KEY $226.80
212-760-19-06 Master Key $5.67

Grand Total w/tax $305.78

Thanks for any advice!
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