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Originally Posted by TMAllison View Post
Guessing the service fee is for a tech to appear with a laptop and disable the orig key using SDS. Its got to be deleted from the ECu's memory somehow; its not like its constantly communicating to MB Hqtrs and can be turned off online with a key stroke......

The replacement key procedures have been in effect for probably 10 years.

The cost looks about right to me. I've paid more......
Actually the service fee was for roadside assistance to come out and physically verify the VIN on the car. He said it was a brand new security procedure just implemented (at least here in Houston) to prevent theft.

In the past when I ordered a replacement, all I had to show was proof of ownership and my driver's license at the parts counter. Now you need to bring the original title to order the key and then the dealers want to physically see the car whether it's brought to them or if they have to send out a roadside tech to view it. The guy showed up earlier, wrote down the VIN, took my signature and handed me the key. We had a long talk and he was telling me how this new policy is going to be a nightmare for everyone involved.

Thanks for the advice Raymond. In the future I'll definitely shop around for a better price. In fact I'll probably do that soon to get a spare so I don't have to go through this mess again.
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