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Low engine oil pressure

Not to beat this topic to death, but I have read repeatedly that low pressure readings from oil pressure gauge is often a fault with the gauge itself. In my case in particular, I had the reading checked out and I was not so lucky.

When my car heats up to operating temp ~82-85 deg C the oil pressure readings on the instrument cluster are zero. Performance of the engine declines, too. I do love the car, so that's why I've come as far as I have.

I Just had new crankshaft bearings installed. I also installed a new oil pump. Almost no change from previous symptoms, only a slight improvement.

My mechanic seems to be baffled, he suggested replacing the timing chain tensioner along with 'some other things', as it might be a source of internal oil pressure loss/leakage. Okay I said, but I want a second opinion. I'm over my head here... four questions for the pro's.

1.Is this engine 'toast'?
2.Where are the areas that might be causing low oil pressure readings or internal leakage of oil?
3.What seems to be the most 'economically sound' next step?
4.What layeth on the road ahead?

I'm here to learn. Thanks...
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