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OIL FILTERS: which one to buy????

Oil poll for diesels only. (Brand, not opinon)

10,000 mile oil change

The oil debate again What do you think of this

Engine Oil Change: oil extractors vs. traditional way - which do you like best?

Another Oil Change Question

Oil Filter Quality - Hengst reply

oil change question

Fram oil filters, junk or not?

best oil filter and oil

Switching to synthetic oil for older motors?

Oil Question: NOT Brand .... weights ......

OEM Oil Filtration Efficiency 50%@27μ / 99%@50μ

The bottom fell off of my Turkish FRAM oil filter!

Engine Oil brands

What is The Best OIL to use in Gasoline MB engines?

Engine Oil Reference Thread

Synthetic oil for diesels?

15,000 mile oil changes

Do you vacuum your oil out or use the drain plug?

Bosch Oil Filters - Made in INDIA !!!

Diesel Fuel & Oil Additives

What Motor Oil do you Recommend? Looking for a Synthetic.

synthetic vs regular oil

Synthetic Oil - smoother and quieter engine operation?

Oil Evacuation: Home Brew!

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