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Everyone that has purchased a kit please read!

Although the testing of the Gen 1 bracket on my SD has been successful and without issues, the Gen 2 bracket has had some issues that I need those of you that have one to be aware of. A while back, I noticed some rattling from the engine bay and found a broken bolt on the top mounting tab of the compressor. I replaced it, and a few weeks later, the nut was gone. Just yesterday I was showing someone the bracket, and I noticed that the nut on the long bolt (12mm) was gone. I mistakenly have been using/providing nylon locking nuts with the kit, but have found that they are backing out and/or breaking (most likely because of heat). I am going to supply all metal lock nuts with the kits from now on. If you have a kit and have not installed it yet, I suggest you (1) PM me your address and I will send you replacements, or (2) go to your local fastener supplier and purchase them. For the Gen 1 kit you will need 4- 3/8 24 all metal lock nuts, and the Gen 2 takes 8- 3/8 all metal lock nuts, and one M12 lock nut. Actually, the only place the Gen 2 really needs them is on the long bolt (M12), and the two compressor to plate bolts. If you would like me to send you the nuts, please send me a private message with your address and which bracket you have, and I would be happy to send them. If you choose to just buy them, I am ok with that as well. Even though you may not have the nut problems I have been having, it is a good idea to replace them anyway. Thanks in advance for your understanding, Rich
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