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Feasability?- CDI drivetrain swapped into E320 wagon

Knowing how cool the W211 wagons are, and that they were only equipped with a gas engine for the North American market, would it be feasible to swap an entire drivetrain from an '05 CDI into an '04-'06 E320 wagon (Estate)?
I actually have the CDI donor car (my '05 was involved in a collision the other day-side swipe). Although the wagons are a lot harder to find, they are not that pricey (I have seen nice ones for $3,500-$5,000). Knowing that my CDI is probably repairable, I bought a drive-able parts car (gas) for the body parts (it too has body damage, but in different parts than my CDI) and interior parts (air bags, door panels etc).

My thought was to either (1)- use the parts car to fix my CDI, and sell the running car without the donor parts, or (2)- buy a wagon, install everything needed to make it run with the Diesel engine, AND use the good body and interior parts from the CDI to make the gas E320 sell-able.
Both the gas E and the CDI share the same exterior and interior colors. However, the interior of the gas E is worn and dirty. It would need most everything from the interior of the CDI to make it nice. One wheel on the CDI was damaged in the collision, but the parts E came with fairly NEW tires and custom wheels (photo later). Another thing the gas E will need is the SBC module. I bought the gas E at night, and made the deal before actually driving it (the seller drove the car and met me half way at a friends house to make the deal), so I did not know that the bright red SBC warning was on the instrument cluster until I went to move it from the street to the driveway. My bad. At any rate, the parts I need plus the way cool wheels and tires are well worth what I paid. I also did not have to drive three hours (only 1 1/2) to get it! I was going to catch a ride with my brother (he is working on our friends house) to pick the car up tomorrow, but because of the brake problem, I will have it towed. I don't feel safe driving it 100 miles without brakes.

Any ideas or suggestions are welcomed. I know the engine swap would be a very ambitious task, but would be worth it in the long run.
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