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Old 01-21-2003, 11:32 PM
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New user - sold my Vette(s) and now drive slower

Hi there:

History - I'm a recovering speed demon:
I have been active on the Corvette Formum having owned a 90 Competition Yellow L-89, a 96 CE LT4, and most recently the Black 79 L-82. Sold all. Why tell you this?

Older and wiser:
I have traded gas for diesel and now own a 95 E300. Hence my first post. I did a lot of "shopping" and found the 95 listed as a Consumer Guide "Best Buy". I noted that there are loads of 96 - 99 MB E300 diesels and turbo diesels on eBay and the other auto sites. But I had a heck of a time locating a low (60K) mileage 95 with that normally-aspirated 606 engine and the older look.

Truthfully -
I have found the MB to be much more relaxing to drive and the fact that I don't FEEL compelled to try to be the first off the light (no I didn't drag but you always felt like you had to lead the pack in a Vette). Anyway - testosterone aside - I now take a leisurely roll and get great gas *er diesel mileage to boot. No better feeling.

Ok - now my question:

1. I run Mobil 1 10w40 in my Jeeps (I6 4.0L) and have had wonderful success - one has 166K. I would like to run it in the 3.0L MB. Any caution or consideration here - I keep hearing about Amsoil and Rotella T?

2. I sent MB my card indicating I purchased a pre-owned. Will they contact me about any factory updates to be done?

3. On synthetic oil can I (should I) go 10K between changes? I understand it is routine in Europe to do so. What is the thinking here?

Thanks for any help you can give me on the oil. I do look forward to chatting and getting to know you as time allows.


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Old 01-21-2003, 11:57 PM
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E300 Nice car

Wow, congratulations. My dad really wants a 95 E300 also, or he might hold of for a 98 99 E300 Diesel turbo model.

They are very nice cars. My mechanic/friend actually just picked one up from Texas I believe, its black on camel. I had the pleasure of washing and waxing it.

I would be very curious to know the MPG you get on the freeway, etc. The concern my dad has if he gets one is the power to get up these hills on the way to my house.

Anyway, regarding oil, I would post that separately because you will get 1000 of reply that you can look up in a search. Itís a very debated topic here. My friend runs 20W50 Castrol GTX oil. He lives in AZ, so I would run the same if you are in Texas. If I run Shell Rotella T in my 87 6-cyl diesel the lifters click, if I run Delo from chevron, they donít.

Great car, what color, post some pictures when you get a chance.
Current Stable:
1994 S500 v140, 210k miles, white with grey.

Former Mercedes in the Stable:
1983 300CD Turbo diesel 515k mi sold (rumor has it, that it has 750k miles on it now)
1984 300CD Turbo Diesel 150 k mi sold
1982 300D Turbo Diesel 225 sold
1987 300D Turbo Diesel 255k mi sold
1988 300 CE AMG Hammer 15k mi sold
1986 "300E" Amg Hammer 88k mi sold (it was really a 200, not even an E (124.020)
1992 500E 156k mi sold
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Old 01-22-2003, 12:10 AM
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Thanks Austin. It is Black Pearl with grey MB Tex interior - any way you look at it - it looks grey metallic with a lighter grey cladding.

I had put a lot of study into finding a 95 in particular. Seems to be that owners try to keep them. I spoke to the original owner who lamented that they wanted it back about 2 weeks after trading it in on an Envoy - I purchased it through a broker. They used it almost exclusively as a road car.

I'll post the Mobil 1 question later. I guessed that it would be a topic with much debate - I just wanted to know if Mobil 1 was appropriate.

I get 27 mpg in town. I suspect the mileage on the road to be about 35 but I must verify that. Power of the 606 is nowhere up to the torque of the 4.0L I6 Jeep engine. I must put my "foot in it" to get it to downshift and run up those hills. Otherwise it is fantastic to drive. The turbo took care of that in later years but I didn't want the turbo so I live with the 135 hp or so and enjoy the sound system - it is an SE with the upgrade sound and passenger 10 way power seat. Can't find anything else that the SE had.

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Old 01-22-2003, 12:11 AM
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Thumbs up Congratulation on your purchase!

My first advice would be, look for an GOOD independent mechanic to work on your car, once you find it. Keep him!
A lot of people on this site, do their own basic maintenance (including me). Stay away from the MB dealers if you can, where you become a dollar sign (with a few exceptions, of course).
Use the search function on the upper right corner and you will find X0,000 listings under oil. Lots of reading...
Welcome aboard!
'86 300E
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Old 01-22-2003, 12:51 AM
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Mobil 1

Check out the diesel forum on If you'll look on the archives, there has been numerous and verbose discussion on the merits of Synthetic vs. Dino Oil. Mercedes also has a list of "approved" engine oils which they have published. I'm not sure about Amsoil, but I know that Rotella does NOT make the list. Also, be very careful when purchasing synthetic oil as recent changes in advertising regulations have allowed manufacturers to sell an oil as a synthetic when the majority of the oil stock is actually mineral oil.

Mobil 1, Amsoil, Bardahl and a few others are the only "true" synthetic oils available.

I, and many others on the forum have had good results utilizing Mobil 1.

Good Luck,

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Old 01-22-2003, 02:17 AM
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1. If you're going to be picky about your oil, you should probably consider going with one of the diesel oils - Delo, Rotella, Delvac, etc. If you're used to the cost of Mobil 1, changing to the synthetic Delvac (Delvac 1 5W40) wouldn't be a bad idea. It's supposed to be really good stuff, and I'm using it in my 300E right now (trying to clean out my crankcase, will probably go back to Mobil 1 15W50 later). You could certainly use Mobil 1, but the other ones are better for diesel applications.

2. Dont' know about this one.

3. Depends on your driving style/habits. I spend a lot of time on the highway (or at highway speeds), run synthetic, and still change my oil every 6000-7500 miles.

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Old 01-22-2003, 09:27 AM
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Feel welcomed

Thanks for the replies. I have located an independent who works on MB's and has both the knowledge and right attitude. He does use MB approved parts but he doesn't charge the dealership price. I could not use a dealer anyway - they are over 150 miles away from my city.

Mobil 1 has been a staple in all my V8 Corvettes (the 96 had a warranty provision that to use anything BUT Mobil 1 would void the warranty - but I guessed that was a GM - Mobil $$ thing). Anyway, I was reading that the Europeans think we Americans are nuts for abiding by the 3000 mile myth of oil changes. I tend to agree and find most manufacturers are now relaxing to 5K (My new Jeep GC - lets you decide and program the computer at 3, 5, or 7,500 intervals for maintenance reminders).

Thanks again for the welcome and answer to my questions - I'll check out the oil posts.

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Old 01-22-2003, 11:45 AM
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I'm envious. I wish I could find someone to buy my Vette. I've never owned any car that required more repairs per mile. Maybe I have done the last of the repairs and it will be okay for now, but I would rather be driving a Benz than working on a Vette.

My $0.02,
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Old 01-22-2003, 01:25 PM
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Talking Welcome to 95*E300!

Originally posted by LarryBible
I'm envious. I wish I could find someone to buy my Vette. I've never owned any car that required more repairs per mile. Maybe I have done the last of the repairs and it will be okay for now, but I would rather be driving a Benz than working on a Vette.

My $0.02,
Hmmm. Sounds like a guy I know down the street that sold his Vette...and bought a PT Cruiser!! He moaned endlessly about the repairs!

I maintained my Dad's Vette years ago during my college years...but it was a 69 with a 350...far less complicated than the later versions...
2009 ML350 (106K) - Family vehicle
2001 CLK430 Cabriolet (80K) - Wife's car
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Old 01-22-2003, 02:14 PM
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Vettes are nice to look at but they are "fragile" in the fact that they get some problems and then you always seem to be working on the same issue. Older vettes had almost as many problems such as vacuum operated wiper doors and those pop-up headlights - vaccum operated were a nightmare and electric was only marginally better but much more expensive.

Larry, the vettes I owned were low mileage and for the most part in showroom condition and pretty easy to sell. My 79 had 9800 original miles. I did replace a lot of plastic parts that changed chemically and fell apart. It won a Top Flight NCRS award in November and was someone elses in early January 2003. Lots of nice memories but I am done with cars that only ride 4" off the pavement and are 42" at the top of the roof line. I'm tired of folding double to get into them. (if the Corvette Forum could read this...!)

So this doesn't turn into a Corvette gripe session I'll toss this back out:

I love the ride of the E300 - I have only owned it a few weeks but it is all I want to drive. I have a couple of Jeeps but the MB is the THING for now.

Judging from the comments I see - most MB owners are proud of their high mileage - especially the diesel crowd. At only 60K I have a bit of driving to do to catch up. BTW the MB crowd is as "retentive" as the Vette owners! I mean this in a very good way of all do love these cars!

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Old 01-22-2003, 02:58 PM
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Congrats for your new Benz and welcome to the forum.;
Vettes: I have owned Vettes since 1971 (it was a 1966 327/350 then) and still own and enjoy a 1978. A 1967 Vette (427/400) was a drag quuen (king?) while my 1984 was a pure dog.
back to the Benz: The W124 serie has been widely recognized as being one of the greatest product Mercedes ever built.
OIL: Stick with Mercedes recommendations. Do not try to outsmart the engine builder by using a product and grade not approved by Mercedes, That's one of the secrets for their longevity. Do not exceed the prescribed oil change intervals, whatever oil you use.
And pls. don,t start an other oil topic. We,ve seen so many and I think everything has been said (at least 10 times)
I suggest you make a search and see
Good lucj with your new wheels.
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Old 01-22-2003, 07:26 PM
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I agree

I agree JackD, and I had already done the search on "oil" and found a lot of ideas - not all very practical or safe by my standards.

My problem was I could not find - or maybe missed it in the 95 manual - what oil was actually recommended. The original owner used Castrol 20W50 at the MB 7500 intervals assumed.

If that is not recommeded I'll be quick to switch. This is my first diesel rodeo and I know soot can be a problem.

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Old 01-22-2003, 08:03 PM
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Approved Oils List

check out this list:
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Old 01-22-2003, 08:25 PM
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Thanks again

Now...if I can just figure out which one I want to use in my E300 I'm set for life!

I went back and recheced both the index and the lubrication section of the owners manual. Could not find a recommendation. I had decided that the 95 had a first fill of something from MB and then it was switched between 10K and 20K to a 30W by the dealer. After that it was 20W50 Castrol.

I want to use a Synthetic. No more discussion on oils here - I promise. !!!!

For the techies - I just replaced the 95's bulb-out module to the tune of $225. It had been burned out and the first owner had not changed it basing that decision on "selling it soon". I got stuck with it but am nuts about the bulb-out lamp being on when the lights were on - just wasn't good to begin ignoring warning lamps so soon after buying it. So I have the old one and I plan to check the resistance of the non-burned one and find a match.

Thanks for the link

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Old 01-22-2003, 08:30 PM
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Cool Oil's well that ends well!

I didn't know 20W-50 Castroil had a "C/?" (diesel service) rating.

Does it?

'91 420 SEL @ 199K, '92 SVX @ 181K, '93 SC400 @ 86K, '93 Kaw ZX-11 @ 30K, '87 F250 @ 181K , 2001 Valkyrie Interstate @ 6K, Y2K Honda NightHawk 250 with 1.5K, '88 420SEL I.@ 179K & the 2nd latest, an '88 420SEL II.@ 210K runnin' parts car, '85 F150 300/NP435
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